Saar Sangrah Indian History PDF Download

Saar Sangrah Indian History PDF Download:- Hello students, how are you preparing for your exam, hope you are going well students, we have brought Saar Sangrah Indian History PDF Download for you, your friends are important for your competitive exam. Must read this Saar Sangrah Indian History PDF Download and also download it.

Saar Sangrah Indian History PDF Download

Hello students friends, this note is very important for you, if you are preparing for competitive exam then definitely download it. Friends, if you are downloading this Saar Sangrah Indian History PDF, then definitely see it.

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Saar Sangrah Indian History PDF Download

If you are preparing or studying for competitive exam then you must download this Saar Sangrah Indian History PDF Download because this book will help you to score good marks.

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In this Saar Sangrah Indian History PDF Download, you will get important information on all the main topics given above. Friends, read it carefully, it will be very beneficial for you.

One Liner Related Modern History

  •  When did the battle of Plassey take place? Ans. 1757 AD
  • In the rebellion of 1857 AD, with whose cooperation did Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi revolt in Gwalior? Ans. Tatyan Tope
  • Where did the last Mughal ruler Bahadur Shah Zafar die? Ans. Rangoon
  • What was the name of the wife of Mahatma Gandhi? Ans. Kasturba Gandhi
  • Who was the founder of Indian National Congress? Ans. a. O. Hume
  • Who was the first Indian Governor General of independent India? Ans. C. Rajagopalachari
  • Who founded Prarthana Samaj? Ans. atmaram pandurang
  •  Apart from the national anthem of India, Rabindranath Tagore wrote the national anthem of which one other country? Ans. Bangladesh
  •  What are the heater wires made of? Ans. nichrome
  • The weight of iron due to rusting Ans. grows

Saar Sangrah Indian History and GK

  • What percentage of the total area of ​​the lithosphere is the expansion of the mountains - 26%
  • In which category of places the mountain is counted - second class
  • What percentage of the world's population lives on the mountains - 1%
  • Who propounded the principle of 'radio activation' - Jolly
  • What is the principle of radioactivity related to - with the origin of mountains
  • Who propounded the land-consolidation theory of mountain builders - Kobar
  • How many million years ago the world's giant fold mountains were formed- 30
  • Which is the latest mountain range - Ural
  • Himalaya mountain comes under whom - new fold mountain
  • From which land formation did the Himalaya Mountains originate - Tethys
  • Where is the Southern Altus mountain range located - in New Zealand
  • Which mountain is known as continental watershed - Rockies
  • Which is the longest mountain range in the world - Andes
  • Which is the highest peak of the Andes ranges - Aconcagua
  • In which country is the world's highest mountain peak Mount Everest - in Nepal
  • Which is the highest peak in North America - Mount McKinley
  • Plateaus are found on what percentage of the lithosphere - 33%
  • How much of the world's population lives on the plateaus - 9%
  • The plateaus which are surrounded by ranges from all sides, what are they called - intermountain plateau
  • Which is the highest plateau in the world- Tibetan plateau
  • In which country is the Potwar plateau located - in Pakistan
  • Where is the Loyas plateau - in China
  • Where is the plateau of Tibet located - between the Himalaya Mountains and the Qunlun Mountains
  • Which plateau is called 'roof of the world' - Pamir plateau
  • From which plateau tin metal is most excavated - from the plateau of Bolivia
  • On what percentage of the total area of ​​the lithosphere is the plain - 41%
  • What percentage of crops and food and commodities in the world are grown in the plains - 85%
  • What percentage of the world's total population lives in the plains - 90%
  • Who is called the 'cradle of civilization' - the mountain
  • How is the plain of North-West China formed - from the accumulation of sand and dust particles
  • By whom is the Sampradaya ground built- river
  • By whom is the pediplain ground formed - Pawan
  • Where is the Drakensberg Mountains - in South Africa
  • In which category the grounds are counted - second class
  • In which country are the hills called Black Hill - United States of America
  • Between which two countries are the Pyrenees Mountains located - France and Spain
  • Where is the Vindhya plateau located - in India
  • Where is the Mysore plateau located - in America
  • Between whom is the plateau of Meseta - between Spain and Portugal
  • What are the residual dunes located everywhere in the karst plains called - Huys
  • What is the plateau plateau of Ranchi - a raised peniplane
  • Which is the world's largest plateau in terms of area - Tibetan plateau
  • Where is the telegraphic plateau located - in the North Atlantic Ocean

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Saar Sangrah Indian History PDF Download here

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