[PDF] Modern Approaches to Chemical Calculations Book by RC Mukherjee

Book Name - Modern Approaches to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee - Specially designed for IIT JEE student for Physical Chemistry

About IIT - IIT is one of the Toughest Exams in India and to get Good Marks in IIT you should Practice many types of Problems

Modern Approaches to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee

Hence Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee for the purpose of IIT-JEE is the best alternative to physical chemistry as it is designed in such a comprehensive manner that helps us to develop interest on physical chemistry.

This book has a wide range of Examples and Problems to help one fall in love with Physical Chemistry.

Chapter Content - 
  1. Mole Concept
  2. Stoichiometry
  3. Udiometry or Gas Analysis
  4. Atomic Weight
  5. Molecular Weight
  6. Chemical Similarity
  7. Volumetric Calculations
  8. Electrolysis and Electrolytic Operations
  9. Assessment of Elements in Organic Compounds
  10. Empirical, Molecular and Structural Formulas
  11. Atomic Structure and Radioactivity
  12. Properties of the Gases
  13. Dilute Solution and Collateral Properties
  14. Chemical Thermodynamics
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Pros and Cons

  • Principle interpretation
  • Good amount of questions
  • Excellent practice questions for IIT JEE preparation available at cheap rates in the market.
  • Good number of examples
  • The theory part explained well
  • Not for Self Study
  • There is a very difficult Question which usually does not come in IIT JEE Exam.

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  • Book - Modern Approach To CHEMICAL CALCULATIONS
  • Author - R C MUKHERJEE
  • Publisher - Bharti Bhawan
  • Edition - 8
  • Number of Pages - 911
  • Language - English

RC Mukherjee Modern Approaches to Chemical Calculation Book 
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Q:Does it have theory + numericals, or only theory or only numericals?
A:It does have some theory bat its mostly for numericals.

Q:is this book useful for Jee main and advanced
A:Recommended for Jee mains

Q:which edition is this? ... please answer
A:latest edition 

Q:Please tell. What all chapters are included?
A:All the physical chemistry chapters are included

Q:does this book have theory
A:Little bit not detailed

Q:Is this book for organic chemistry
A:No it's for physical. chemistry .....For organic chemistry you should buy MS chauhan

Q:this is for what physical,organic or inorganic chemistry
A:physical inorganic and analytical chemistry .

Q:does it contain all chapters of physical chemistry