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In this post you will be able to download free PDF copy of JD Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry Book 4th Edition for IIT JEE Mains and Advanced written by Sudarshan Guha (M.Tech. IIT Kanpur) and published by Wiley Publications. This book is a breakthrough in your preparation and it is high quality original PDF. So, read this post to get the download link.

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Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee is one such book which is widely used by the students preparing for IITJEE as the most comprehensive and authentic text to understand Inorganic Chemistry.

The adaptation of this book aims to provide a complete textbook of Inorganic Chemistry which covers the entire syllabus of JEE Main and is advanced in proper sequence of topics and provides in-depth explanation of the topics.

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J.D. Lee's ZZ Concise Inorganic Chemistry New Edition is a comprehensive book for students as well as teachers around the world. The book consists of six parts of inorganic chemistry concepts, mainly divided into theoretical concepts and hydrogen - s-block, p-block, d-block and f-block; and further covers nuclei and spectral topics. Furthermore, there is enough information about the commercial use of inorganic chemicals that is rarely found in contemporary academic books to help build a clear understanding of inorganic chemistry concepts. With the increasing interest in environmental chemistry, inorganic chemistry gains more importance as one of the three major branches of chemistry. The index is as inclusive and easy to follow as it gets. This book is perfect for candidates applying for IUPAC recommendation and other competitive exams.

Concise Inorganic Chemistry By J D Lee Book

Concise Inorganic Chemistry is ideal for all students who wish to study inorganic chemistry in greater detail and thoroughly understand the basics of each concept. It is not just a collection of theoretical text; Rather the information given in the book is supported by reasonable reasoning or experiments. Every effort has been made to keep the language as simple as possible, so that it can be useful to all. This book is designed in such a way that it caters to all the questions that a student may have from Inorganic Chemistry. The book is divided into six parts to make it easier for the readers to find out their answers. Special attention has been paid to the various blocks of the periodic table, so are s-blocks, p-blocks and other boxes such as parts, hydrogen, and other topics. It is constantly updated to take into account the latest changes in the curriculum and any recent additions to the curriculum are reflected in this 5th edition. It is an ideal book for students preparing for competitive exams.

Concise Inorganic Chemistry : Table Of Content

Part One: Theoretical Concepts and Hydrogen.
  • Chapter 1. Atomic structure and the Periodic table.
  • Chapter 2. Introduction to bonding.
  • Chapter 3. the ionic bond.
  • Chapter 4. The covalent bond.
  • Chapter 5. The metallic bond.
  • Chapter 6. General properties of the elements.
  • Chapter 7. Coordination compounds.
  • Chapter 8. Hydrogen and the hydrides..
Part Two: The s-Block Elements.
  • Chapter 9. Group 1 – The alkali metals.
  • Chapter 10. The chlor-alkali industry.
  • Chapter 11. Group 2 – The alkaline earth elements..
Part Three: The p-Block Elements.
  • Chapter 12. The group 13 elements.
  • Chapter 13. The group 14 elements.
  • Chapter 14. The group 15 elements.
  • Chapter 15. Group 16 – the chalcogens.
  • Chapter 16. Group 17 – the halogens.
  • Chapter 17. Group 18 – the noble gases..
Part Four: The d-Block Elements.
  • Chapter 18. An introduction to the transition elements.
  • Chapter 19. Group 3 – The scandium group.
  • Chapter 20. Group 4 – The titanium group.
  • Chapter 21. Group 5 – The vanadium group.
  • Chapter 22. Group 6 – The chromium group.
  • Chapter 23. Group 7 – The manganese group
  • Chapter 24. Group 8 – The iron group.
  • Chapter 25. Group 9 – The cobalt group.
  • Chapter 26. Group 10 – The nickel Group.
  • Chapter 27. Group 11 – The copper group: Coinage metals.
  • Chapter 28. Group 12 – The zinc group..
Part Five: The f-Block elements.
  • Chapter 29. The lanthanide series.
  • Chapter 30. The actinides..
Part Six: Other Topics.
  • Chapter 31. The atomic nucleus.
  • Chapter 32. Spectra.
  • Appendix A. Abundance of the element sin the earth’s crust.
  • Appendix B. Melting points of the elements.
  • Appendix C. Boling points o the elements.
  • Appendix D. Densities of the solid and liquid elements.
  • Appendix E. Electronic structures of the elements.
  • Appendix F. Some average single bond energies and some double and triple bond energies.
  • Appendix G. Solubilities of main group compounds in water.
  • Appendix H. Atomic weights based on 12C = 12.000.
  • Appendix I. Values of some fundamental physical constants.
  • Appendix J. Electrical resistivity of the elements at the stated temperature.
  • Appendix K. Top fifty chemicals in the USA, 1994.
  • Appendix L. Inorganic chemicals manufactured in large tonnages worldwide.
  • Appendix M. Minerals used in large amounts.
  • Appendix N. Hardness of minerals – Mohs’ scale.
  • Appendix O. Standard textbooks.
  • Index.

Title Of The Book - Concise Inorganic Chemistry
Author’s Name - J D Lee
Publishers - J D Lee
File Size - MB
File Type - PDF

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